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World of Warships [SOI] Many GEOs

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Leo - Kun
11M Views Holy .... XD , THANK YOU SO MUCH <3
Part 2 >>> youtu.be/8mWlIzZxFNQ
Part 3>>> youtu.be/d-RXIXvLww8
When a PUBG Gamer Plays Fortnite Battle Royale
>>> youtu.be/EwkokLBDU2g
If your gameplay/picture/music/sound is used in the video and you want to removie it or credits are not there in the Description , contact me on my email .. I will add the credits or vice versa ASAP !THANKS
P.S i am not declaring that fortnite is better than pubg or pubg is better than fortnite so please don't fight.

Comment from : Leo - Kun

Annoying Doggo
PUBG players are better
Comment from : Annoying Doggo

Ibrahim Asmari
Pubg gamers: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fortnite gamers: YEEEEETTT
Comment from : Ibrahim Asmari

A lady bought a new mobile and She did not know how to operate it.
She was tapping on a button several times but ,
it was not responding.....
Read more.

Comment from : FREE FIRE GAMER

Its useless for map to be big as its difficult to find enemies. Best is free fire
Comment from : FREE FIRE GAMER

cute boy
Pubg is free
Comment from : cute boy

Obviously Fortnite wins who says pubg is a loser
Comment from : YT_POWER 4K

Pubg comment
Fortnite like comment sub

Comment from : YT_POWER 4K

Shahwaiz 007
Pakistani like..
Comment from : Shahwaiz 007

Shahwaiz 007
Comment from : Shahwaiz 007

All pubg gamers like
Comment from : CS:GO & PUBG & SFG GAMER

Help me
If your on mobile pubg is free
Comment from : Help me

Tony Stark
End of the Argument, FORTNITE is better than pubg. Thats why more people are playing fortnite than pubg, and more people stream and watch fortnite
Comment from : Tony Stark

Ali Hammad
Pupge is easy for me but I like fortnite
Comment from : Ali Hammad

Ali Hammad
Fortnite is the best
Comment from : Ali Hammad

Red Rose
Isnt pubg free??
Comment from : Red Rose

The Doom
I really really hate fortnite i've never played in my life
N I dont even want to try 😡

Comment from : The Doom

Coca Cola
name of the song?

Comment from : Coca Cola

Rajdeep Singh
Bro how you create it please tell me software
Comment from : Rajdeep Singh

prashant benegal
Fortnite vs
:) ;)

Comment from : prashant benegal

Where is the hair????
Comment from : Speed-o'-Sonic

solly killer
I agree but both games are good
Comment from : solly killer

Chronical Kiefer
I had the most savage add ever! (Filipino)

Guy1:im the handsome one and (guy2) is the pangit one (pangit means ugly)
Guy2 Hindi! (No!)
Later in the add

Main guy: gets a girlfriend
GF: Say Pangit ako it means I’m handsome (Ako means I’m)
Main guy: I know what pangit means
Main guy: pat’s guy 2’s shoulder
Everyone: laughs

Comment from : Chronical Kiefer

R 3
Comment from : R 3

Taslim Siddique
Pubg don't want dollars lol
Comment from : Taslim Siddique

Gamer Assasin
Fortnite OR Pubg?
Choose guys

Comment from : Gamer Assasin

Nung Bear
Why did you cut your hair?
Comment from : Nung Bear

Omer Avşar
Bizimki daha guzel pic amarikalilar
Comment from : Omer Avşar

murd craft
Hey every u know first song?
Comment from : murd craft

Luka Opancic
Fortnite is the best
Comment from : Luka Opancic

Jack kun
Hi bro
Comment from : Jack kun

my mommy said
0:03 music name?
Comment from : my mommy said

I'm happy Fortnite is dying
Comment from : NintendoLegend

Papa and jude toys review
Fortnite suks
Comment from : Papa and jude toys review

Jan gaveryl Concepcion
Pubg vs Fortnite??

Csgo Wins!!

Comment from : Jan gaveryl Concepcion

Дмитрий Билюшов
Дарова, Ёпт.
Comment from : Дмитрий Билюшов

How dare you say f*** PUBG???
I’m a PUBG fan, anyone else?

Comment from : ĐuCành

PeepDaGod GetBiZzY
Fortnite is the most popular game oh dont like Is lame
Comment from : PeepDaGod GetBiZzY

PeepDaGod GetBiZzY
Fortnite = views
Comment from : PeepDaGod GetBiZzY

1:53-2:07 you do realize that is console gameplay right?
Comment from : vase

Comment from : A BASHARAT

johhnny 6iix
Wats the name of that song that annoying one
Comment from : johhnny 6iix

Unknown Assassin
Fuck off Fortnite is best
Comment from : Unknown Assassin

Bear WaLKer
Comment from : Bear WaLKer

Joseph ZDS
Most kills on pubg: 14
Most kills on Fortnite: 4
Wins on pubg: 50
Wins on Fortnite: 00

My fav game: PUBG but I like both games

Comment from : Joseph ZDS

089 harcos
Fortnite graphics are now better than pubg
Comment from : 089 harcos

i like to see the old map in the videos
Comment from : GamerXwing

Benjamin Anshel
When are you going to reveal your face?
Comment from : Benjamin Anshel

aneesha sp
Please do if a gamer gets 91 Gbps nasa internet
Comment from : aneesha sp

Samuel Filip
I dont Like fortnite
Comment from : Samuel Filip

Leo - Kun. The PUBG Pan-hitting man.
Comment from : Hishwizz

TheAdamBlox Boy
The OG days
Comment from : TheAdamBlox Boy

Jessica Palafox
wait im so confused because why is he using controllerwhen hehas a pc
Comment from : Jessica Palafox

george_pts97 '
And well you can thank just THAT little the kids,for the popularity,because they really like the cartoonish graphics
Comment from : george_pts97 '

george_pts97 '
If you want to build things you might as well play minecraft,which happens to be better than fortnite, and honestly if you like dancing in game just play just dance or something like that
Comment from : george_pts97 '

Gamerpro960X Mlg
Pubg is free in mobile
Comment from : Gamerpro960X Mlg

Ariesthegamer 2nd account
I like both of them in my opinion :/
Comment from : Ariesthegamer 2nd account

XD minecraft had garbage gradics but yet it's most trending game
Comment from : LenniGamez

Saitama One Punch Man
PUBG and Fortnite:we are the best game

Minecraft and Roblox:Are u sure about that?

Comment from : Saitama One Punch Man

Jack Wilson
pubg is better than fortnite oh no here come the cockiest kids on the planet
Comment from : Jack Wilson

Abdul Muhaiman
Your real name is shahzaid and you are not an american you lier
Comment from : Abdul Muhaiman

⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢
The "poopg" are kid that they dont know how to download fortnite so they play poopg in mobile
Comment from : ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢ ⃢

great job for choosing Lian
Comment from : great job for choosing Lian

Mrpain killer
Hey please make a video of mobile legends lag vs pubgm lag because coz this mlbb need more high connection than pubgm,wonder this mlbb with small map and 10 player on bettleground still need high internet connection whereas i can play pubgm smooth at the same time.
Comment from : Mrpain killer

Snoop Dogg
where is leo hair
Comment from : Snoop Dogg

Legendary flamer XD
Real men plays pubg 👌🔥💪
Comment from : Legendary flamer XD

not my main account
only og gamers grew up with minecraft song parodies instead of music block songs
Comment from : not my main account

Jetro Of the filipino
U know I think playing a cartoony game will make u safe from a
LONG lecture about why u need to stop playing games like gta,cod,hitman and well pubg and etc but that's just me

Comment from : Jetro Of the filipino

wachtelaer alvaro
Comment from : wachtelaer alvaro

the msuic... tot otkto totiotitii
Comment from : coolguy2638minecraft

Роман Нырков
Русские есть?)
Comment from : Роман Нырков

The DarK AssassiN LA
Any fortnite gamers here in 2019 with vehicles, huge map, winter and summer map, creative etc?
Comment from : The DarK AssassiN LA

Deadpool the hedgehog
I prefer pubg the og
Comment from : Deadpool the hedgehog

Subbing to anyone who subs to me
Comment from : Mr.snakelandlevel11

Robson José Costa
This video like shitty! Ur others videos are better!
Comment from : Robson José Costa

Galaxy star
PUBG is best!
Comment from : Galaxy star

Pubg players be like 😀 fornite players be like 😎😎
Comment from : Josuevivas0814

muhammad ayaan
Don’t forget fat
Comment from : muhammad ayaan

muhammad ayaan
And I became a genius
Comment from : muhammad ayaan

muhammad ayaan
I’m an Anda playing pubg
Comment from : muhammad ayaan

Seth Laday
1:54 did anybody else notice that he's playing on playstation?
Comment from : Seth Laday

Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear
Bet all these fortnite players say

Pubg is so expensive

It’s probably because they spend it on stupid fricken costumes on fortnite

Fortnite? More like Halloween

Comment from : Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear

Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear
Pubg is buy because

Realistic (you can put cartoon graphics no worry)

The raining physics


And more

Where did you get your clue Sherlock

Comment from : Nicholasvlogclips Fazbear

DiamondBros YT
The first guy has cancer
Comment from : DiamondBros YT

AV Gaming

Comment from : AV Gaming

Velitel Czechball
To be honest, both games are shit for me.
Comment from : Velitel Czechball

Destine Booth
Good video!
Comment from : Destine Booth

Mohammed Assaf
Fortnite is the best GAME
Comment from : Mohammed Assaf

Gil Jayden
Hey. You should install ROBLOX. Lol
Comment from : Gil Jayden

Christian IACOPO
Sto qui bnbx 💣🔪
Comment from : Christian IACOPO

Christian IACOPO
St con no 800!di fare assolutamente mobile
Comment from : Christian IACOPO

Iwona Trabecka
3:56 1 HP 😂
Comment from : Iwona Trabecka

Abuzar Khan
Dislike for fortnite 🖕
Comment from : Abuzar Khan

Both of them are awesome
Comment from : KILLER KING

Prime Dragon
when Leo had no hair.
Comment from : Prime Dragon

why is cod in the the thumbnail
Comment from : Prenzo

rzniwiarz123 PL
God dances rylly rylly Fortnite emotes suck normal player like PUBG IS BETTER
Comment from : rzniwiarz123 PL

Jaden Rumpf
hes a OG
Comment from : Jaden Rumpf

Bruno Michelizzi
Fornite vs pubg . Din fornite
Comment from : Bruno Michelizzi

Blu Rogers
[EPIC] arCtiC is a epic employee I know him
Comment from : Blu Rogers

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